Listening For Your Favorite Music

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Listening to your favorite music brings a sense of happiness and sustainability to help you overcome your normal school or work day. It also makes one feel quite energized and gain a sense of confidence. However besides having increasing motivation and having an energy boost, music can make one feel smarter and even intelligent. In recent studies, experiments including like “The Mozart Effect” are proving that listening to music specifically Mozart sonatas can make one score at least 30 points more on a test like the SAT and ACT (How Music Affects the Body). Besides making one gain intelligence, music has been proven to get rid of physical pain. A recent study that was conducted at Aarhus University in Denmark reported that most of the patient 's reported that they felt less unpleasant and less intense. “The problem with most chronic pain is all the medicines they are forced to take. Whatever it may be, it’s bad because it can cause stomach upset, can be addictive, etc.” (Peter Vuust, Aarhus University, Denmark) . All that music can do is very unbelievable. Science has changed everything that we know into something like music that can be used as medicine. Listening to your favorite music can reduce feelings of physical pain, increase intelligence, and increase creativity. Besides the fact of music increase intelligence and increasing creativity, it has been proven that by many different studies that music can perhaps be known to lower the physical affects of pain. As

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