Listening: One of the Most Important Aspects of Counselling

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Introduction One of the most important aspects in counseling is simply being there with the client and listening to concerns. This can, however, be challenging for more reasons than one, as the following session showed. The case study is the following: A client goes to therapy because she is facing many problems and going through divorce. The client during the role play her presenting problem was having difficulty adjusting to her single life after she has been married for 7 years and separated for the past 2 years. The client complained that her ex-husband cheated on her, ignored their issues and blamed her for his failings, not accepting that he was the one largely to blame for difficulties in their married life. The ex-husband moved on with another women. The client herself has a 6 year old son who is constantly asking where his daddy is and the client is having difficulties moving on with her life. Four different people evaluated it (we will call them A,B, C, and D) and these were their appraisals: A: Asking client about her sexual life was not an appropriate question to ask someone whom you are meeting for the first time. And certainly not someone who was feeling inhibited in meeting a counselor for the first time. Asking her too about her degree and then commenting further, felt to me as if you were putting her down, somehow. And your comment to her later on about maybe education not being the right profession {or whatever it was that you said, I don't
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