Listening Skills, By John J. Caro

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Abstract This essay will explore the different of listening skill as well as compare on improving your learning listening skills, first is a text reading from Brookfield’s chapter 5 Keep Discussion Going Through Questioning, Listening, and Responding the second is an article text from. Crown Library Database Implementing Some Simple Strategies to Enhance Learner’s Listening Skills. By John J. Caro. Overall, in which I found were very Interesting compared to the text reading, in chapter five, Keep Discussion Going Through Questioning, Listening and Responding. the similarly maybe the same therefore, the listening skills, may demonstration maybe, different. From way of learning to another way of listening but the analyses in the article have…show more content…
And Therefore, are important for the student to understand the language along with the words used together that are spoken: in other words, if language and words are confusing. There goes the listening in short this is, where the teacher connection comes into play: However, in the reading text of chapter five they encourage question for the most part of having good listening skill. Maybe, therefore the student is not engaged into the discussion. (quote) from the article learning Listening Skills .by John J. Caro “The conversations were too difficult: they were confusing; people spoke too quickly: some of the vocabulary in the conversations were new to us.” However, my response is from the question that are ask by the teacher? Although this may be true from, the text reading from Brookfield’s chapter five Keep Discussion going Through Question, Listening and Responding (quote) “The student may not be ready to explore a topic in a large group setting or has lost their enthusiasm for the subject.” the contrast are teachers needs to keep the decision open exploring more question. Which is what the text is demonstrate. Meanwhile, the teacher need to express attention in encouraging therefore, the students are

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