Listening Skills Case Study

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Listening is the first skill in communication. Listening is a process. A child first listens to its parents, brothers and sisters. Then it listens to its- age group istening is the ability to understand what others speak. Pronunciation, vocabulary, voice and body language of the speaker either enhances or reduces the other person's listening". Brindha Prabhakar,(1991) listening is stage one of responding act of a communicating event. Listening is a sustained effort to receive sound and make meaning It opens up possibilities for continuing interaction. Listening is generally considered the most important skill of all. The basis for the other three of the four skills, particularly the listening
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Look for common ground and common concerns.
• Give a quick factual overview of the situation.
• Explain the need or the problem. Why is it important? How does it affect them, their families, their staff or customers?
• Try to dramatize r presentation.
• Give r solution for meeting the need or overcoming the problem.
• Explain why it is the best solution.
• Show how r idea will work. Prove it with a demonstration convincing visual aids.
• Tell them again how they will benefit.
• Explain what action they need to take. Make it easy for them.
• Conclude with a simple memorable summary . DO'S AND DON'TS
• Analyse r audience - their wants, desires and needs.
• Set rself a clear message.
• Focus on a simple, clear message.
• Familiarise rself with the environment will be using.
• Plan r publicity early.
• Keep visual aids simple. Use good visuals that make an impact that sticks.
• Rehearse r presentation well- preferably with a critical audience.
• Dress for the occasion - try to mirror the dress of r audience.
• Arrive early at the venue to inspect

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