Listening Skills Essay

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As human beings, we use our senses to learn what is going on in the world around us. In ancient times, a person’s survival depended upon being able to hear and see many dangers in the environment. Our other senses of taste, touch, and smell also helped people survive. Many people think that sight is the most important sense. Early humans would have run into terrible danger without their sense of sight. Even today, it is hard for anyone to imagine how they could survive without their sense of sight. However, with the days of hunting and gathering a time of the past, today’s survival skills are very different. Today, communication is one of man’s most important skills, and communication depends on the sense of hearing. Even when we are…show more content…
One of my greatest weaknesses was my peers observed me nervously looking at the clock throughout the meeting. I was not even aware that I was doing that, but I do know that I was concerned about the time because my other children needed to be picked up from school at a certain time. My peers stated that I seemed that I was in hurry, and that added a note of distraction to my listening skills. Another weakness of mine was the act of defensive listening. Every time a bad behavior was noted in my son, I was obviously offended and seemed to always have to defend my parenting skills. My peers wrote that I seemed “on guard” throughout the entire meeting. Again, I was completely unaware of this poor listening skill as I was engaging in it. The listening skills survey was a great way to receive objective and very helpful constructive criticism regarding my ability as a effective listener. Based on the results of this survey, I found that there are some informational listening skills that I could adopt to become a more effective listener. Preparing to listen would help me in my school and personal life. I could have arranged a friend to pick up my other kids, and I could have gone over the teacher reports, so that my son’s poor behaviors were not a surprise. In school, reading the required materials and printing off power points really helps me prepare to listen to lecture. Another skill that will help me
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