Listening: The Most Important Skill of Communication

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Martin Luther King? In order for a person to be a leader, he or she must have followers. Without the communication process this type of relationship is not possible. Specifically, without the skill of effective listening, the most important skill of the communication process, an interpersonal relationship cannot develop. Far too many people do not understand that real communication goes in both directions and that one must listen as much or more than they speak to effectively communicate. Without the ability to listen, an individual will not be successful in the communication process.
Learning to Communicate A child is born with the ability to cry to express him or herself. Cries become coos, coos become babbling sounds, and with years of listening, practice and learning, language is developed. However, without the ability to listen to the people surrounding that child, it will be impossible for the child to develop language. To listen is not limited to hearing an individual, but to interpret tones, body language, and the words themselves. According to Dr. Bruce Perry, children should be encouraged to practice listening to be able to receive and process information accurately. Language is about being expressive but also about being receptive. In order for a meaningful exchange to take place, an individual has to be able to receive the message.
Types of Listening The…
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