Listening to Music in School

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Music influences humans both in good and bad ways. Listening to music while studying or at work can be beneficial to brain functioning helping you stay focused. When you listen to music while studying, your brain is activated to think spatially. Music is not only beneficial for students but can help with emotional issues as well. The effects of music are very beneficial to students as well as workers and should be allowed in classrooms and work environments.

You may be thinking "how can music help me focus on my work?" Well I have the answer to that and it may be surprising. As a student myself I have found times where I was not able to get my work done because I just wasn’t motivated or I couldn’t stay focused on the task at hand. It can even be frustrating or overwhelming trying to complete work. Depending on what type of music you’re listening to while working it can actually encourage you to keep working and keep you focused on your studies. According to Teresa Lesiuk of The University of Windsor in Canada listening to music while you work can increase positivity and give you inspiration to keep working (Psychology of Music April 2005 vol. 33 no. 2 173-191). In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive it was stated that nearly one-third (32%) of 1,613 U.S. employees said they listen to music while working through the use of an iPod, MP3 player or similar device. And…
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