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Literature paper 2/27/14 A Simple Heart Trying to figure out how Flaubert wanted readers to view religion in his short story “A Simple Heart” is challenging at times. Felicite has been misunderstood by many regarding her representation of religion. Her innocence is not to be look at as a burden, it allows her to share a good relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had been reduced to taxidermy as it portrayed as Felicite’s per parrot Loulou. Felicite’s spiritual world had been reduced to something not permanent made the story difficult to evaluate the seriousness in regards to religion. After reevaluating the role Loulou played on Felicite’s life. “A Simple Heart” becomes a spiritual journey. With an open…show more content…
Felicite was completely unaware of what a great gift she truly had with her faith. Even the toughest times with Mme. Aubain slandering Felicite’s family, she disregards it as a mother who misses her own child. One of the most memorable instances of Felicite’s forgiving nature is when she asks for Fabu on her deathbed, the butcher who was suspected of poisoning Loulou. Felicite wished to remove all ill feelings towards him to cleanse her soul: “Forgive me, she said, making an effort to stretch out her arm. I thought it was you who had killed him” (1844). It was Felicite’s faith that gave her the capability to forgive the man who took her greatest treasure. Her religion gave her the ability to focus on a person only to benefit them not herself. In the end, Felicite comes full circle in regards to her religion. Loulou was not instant connection to the Holy Spirit. [The meaning of this sentence is unclear. Are you the writer of this paper stating this contrary to the information from the rest of your paper, or is this the doubt Felicite feels at this point in the story? Make sure your language is clear so that your reader can follow effectively.] At one point Felicite thinks about the Holy Spirit while viewing the stained glass window siting at church (1841). She hears stories about doves at church, which sparks her interest in Loulou. The parrot

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