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Manuel Rodriguez
Professor Dr.Selitto
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“Alone on the Hilltop”
In Lame Deers story “ Alone on the Hilltop” he recalls the moment in life when his first hanblechia occurred at the age of 16. The first scene begins on the hilltop where Lame Deer had been brought by
Chest, the medicine man. Lame Deer has been left all alone on the hilltop for 4 days nights with no water or food. The only thing that he had with him where his star blanket which his grandmother had knitted for him, a pipe with kinnickinnick, and gourd which contained forty pieces of his grandmothers flesh and tiny stones picked up from an ant heap. Lame Deer knew though that after all of this was over he would no longer be a child, he would be a
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He had also been given his man's name Lame Deer.

This in my opinion was a very interesting account of American Indian rituals. Lame Deer did a great job on comparing and contrasting the “white folks” way of life with his own. He told us how Indian children are typically never left alone which gives us a better understanding on why he was so afraid of being alone on the hilltop. I feel like in this story I really got a better understanding of the Indian way of life. They seem to be very tight knit group who value tradition above everything. Family seems to be the most important theme as demonstrated by his grandmothers willingness to cut forty pieces of her own flesh in order to make the rattle. This whole aspect about them is admirable but at the same time I feel like they don’t really take any actual logic into account. The whole vision determines your life labor seem really fallible in my opinion. I can't really relate to this story in the sense that I have never really experienced any of these things as im not a Sioux. I do think though that this story can be related into our modern world in the sense that many kids are pushed into choosing a life career at a relatively young age. Lame Deer was only 16 at the time but that is only a mere two years younger than kids today. To some extent I found admirable that he at such a young age had already known what his life’s calling was. Overall the story

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