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Legal Issues in Business Organizations Task 1 Zachary Christenson Western Governors University 000447824 Family and Medical Leave Act Situation The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) was created to help assist employees deal with the difficulties of home, while creating an atmosphere of job security. The FMLA also helps cover employers from wrongful use of the FMLA by the employees. Although the document is extensive, there are three major provisions of the FMLA that apply to the given situation. The FMLA entitles covered employees to unpaid work leave, provides job and benefit restoration, and allows employers to require notice and certification for leave ("Family and medical leave act," 2007). A covered employee of a…show more content…
He took eleven weeks of leave and asked to return to work and for his eleven weeks of back pay. A new manager returned his original position to him and at the same rate of pay. However, his request for his lost pay was denied. The company in which employee A works for is considered a covered employer because the company employs more than fifty employees for which is assumed for more than twenty weeks each year. Employee A has worked for the covered employer for two years, which makes him a covered employee based on the given information. Employee A was not required to give advanced notice due to the unforeseen circumstances of the premature birth. Upon employee A’s return, he was given his original job back along with the same rate of pay. Since employee A took leave under the FMLA, his leave is considered unpaid and the eleven weeks of pay are not required to be given to the employee. In the case of employee A, no violation has been committed. Age Discrimination in Employment Act Situation The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) passed in 1967. It was intended to protect the older half of the workforce from age discrimination in the workplace. Several of the major provisions of the ADEA include: protecting what a worker has earned in his/her tenure, allowing workers to oppose practices that are considered unlawful by the ADEA without consequence, and prevent employers and employment agencies from discriminating

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