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Literary Analysis of “Battle Royal” I’m writing an analysis of “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison. It is told from the first person point of view. This is a story about a young African American named Ralph Ellison, who is trying to be accepted by white society. He is offered the opportunity to read his speech he had written for his graduation at a gathering of the town’s leading white citizens (p.286). Ralph Ellison is told that he should partake in the Battle Royal before giving his speech as part of the entertainment. The Battle Royal is a fight in which several young African American boys are blindfolded, given boxing gloves, and forced to fight each other until one person is left standing in a boxing arena. There are no time…show more content…
To top it off they blind fold all of the boys just to make it more amusing. They humiliate the boys by making them watch a nude woman dance before the fight. And then they force them to pick up fake coins off of an electrified rug. Shocking them and getting enjoyment from their pain. This is a very racist story. But unfortunately it truly reflects on how these individuals were treated during this time. The big shots only want to be controlling racists, and get enjoyment from this. They will not accept any behavior from the African Americans except submission. The idea of social equality between them and the African Americans is quite appalling for them (p.297). They are strictly set against this and will probably do what ever it takes to prevent this from happening. I liked the ambition of Ralph, his determination to make sure that he is heard. He really feels as though his speech will make a huge impact for his people in his community. He is trying to become accepted into a society that does not want to accept him or his people. I agree with Paula Caudle, Naomi Lancaster, and Andy Stamper Students, University of North Carolina at Pembroke ( in their analysis of the blindfold in the story. They stated that “the blindfold symbolizes man's inability to see who he is within society and the reality of society. Another example could be the contrast between
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