Literacy And I : How I Overcame The Challenges Of Writing

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Literacy and I: How I overcame the challenges of writing From a young age, I was considered a competitive individual in the activities I participated. Once I was given a challenge I would try my hardest to be number one. I have always loved to read, enter spelling bees and public speaking competitions. I have encountered many challenges in life, but writing has always seemed to be the most tedious activity. Soon I began to have to read more books, write papers, and do even more presentations. With everything piling so quickly, that competitive spirit within myself passed and was replaced with fear of not doing well. My fear lead to my struggles in my classes, especially English. English has never been my favorite subject in school. My family has always considered me to be talkative and very social. Therefore, it left all of us, including my teacher, quite in the dark when trying to figure out why I was doing poorly in my fifth grade English class. My teacher’s name was Ms. Johnson, and she was a very high spirited woman. She would always encourage me to simply express myself in my writing. Some people would think that is not that hard to express your ideas on paper considering children have such active imaginations. Indeed, my imagination was surely active dreaming up fairies, befriending my baby dolls, and defending my fascination with Tinkerbell and her realistic abilities. I could not name one child whose imagination fueled their writing about the nonsense writing

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