Literacy Connections Adult And Family Literacy Program

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Literacy Connections Adult and Family Literacy program has been helping adults learn to read and write, and function independently for the past 40 years. We also offer ESL classes to the growing immigrant community. We do this by recruiting and training volunteers to provide one-to-one and small group tutoring that is student-centered. We work with the lowest literacy level adults in Dutchess, Columbia, and Greene Counties.

By following a student-centered and individualized learning approach, we give students a voice with regard to their learning goals. Teaching adults is not the same as teaching children. It takes a lot of courage for an adult, with a lifetime of experience, to walk through our door and seek help. Materials for adult students must be sensitive and respectful and the learning must be relevant and meaningful. For ESL students with varying degree of education, the learning experience must also be sensitive and take into account the different skill levels of the student and cultural differences.

For many adults, but particularly low literacy level adults, individualized learning is a proven method for learning. LC individualized and student-centered approach allows students to fully participate in their learning by setting their own learning goals thereby motivating students to set higher goals that lead to measurable academic gain. Because illiteracy (or low literacy) is a family issue, our Adult & Family Literacy Program – our core program - also offers…
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