Literacy Core Reading Program Evaluation And Analysis

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Literacy Core Reading Program Evaluation and Analysis Spring Arbor University Trish Rich Program Name: Creative Curriculum Publication Date: 5th edition, 2010 Publisher: Learning Strategies, LLC Grade-Level: Pre-Kindergarten Theoretical Foundation “Creative curriculum uses exploration and discovery, as a way of learning.” ( The curriculum is intended to help students become more confident learners, who are not only creative, but also learners who have developed lifelong critical thinking skills. Creative curriculum has 38 research-based objectives, which are aligned with Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-kindergarten for the State of Michigan. The curriculum is also aligned with Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. Creative Curriculum focuses on ten areas of learning including math, literacy, social-emotional, science and technology, the arts, social studies, physical, language, cognitive, and language acquisition. Grade-Level Texts Creative Curriculum uses trade books. The following table shows the number of books that are represented in each literature genre. RF FAN FOLK POETRY EXP NAR HF 15 8 14 4 11 7 1 HF - Historical Fiction RF – Realistic Fiction FAN – Fantasy/Fiction FOLK – Folktale/Fairy Tale POET – Poetry/Rhymes EXP – Non-fiction Expository NAR – Non-fiction Narrative Creative Curriculum has a good mixture of genres woven throughout. They 've placed a bit more emphasis on
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