Literacy From The Army Of Me

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Literacy from the army to me . The military has always been a part of my family’s life. My grandfather was in the army along with his son and my grandmothers other son’s. I also have many cousins who are still in and one who worked at the Pentagon. My uncles use to always tell us stories about their military service and how much they learned. Most of my cousins that joined only joined because of these stories and the lavish lifestyles they have seen my uncles live. Unlike them, I wasn’t drawn in by the stories my uncles told me, or the war letters from my deceased grandfather. For some reason it was my mothers dream for me; probably because its always something she wanted to do but was afraid, a fantasy I wasn’t quite ready to live in for her or them. I remember high school. Everyone I was close to was in JROTC. I would watch them in laughter every Monday morning when they walked around in their tight fitted uniforms. To me it was all a big joke; quite funny to say the least. I mean, really, how many took this seriously? It wasn’t like it was really being in the army. It was just for show. Either way I know for sure that I didn’t. I was always asked to join for the next year and told how it could benefit me, but somehow I always found myself politely declining. I would begin to walk as fast as I could feel giddy inside. I was still immature and had the mindset that “being all you could be” didn’t look like that at all. I pictured strong and arrogant
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