Literacy From The Beginning '

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Literacy from the Beginning It’s funny how certain memories stand out in your mind. You replay them over again and say to yourself “that was a learning experience”. But how often do you look back at the education you received and say the same thing. Those memories helped shape my education and made it what it is today. Literature was always a tough subject because I was and still am less than motivated about reading and writing, but throughout my life it has been a learning experience. It has taken me many years to understand why is was so hard for me, but you can’t grow until you know. When you’re young school is all about popularity and friends, but with a lack of word knowledge reading in class, especially out loud can destroy your credibility. I came from a blue collar background and none of my family ever attempted college, so I figured college wasn’t that important. During school, if it wasn’t interesting I didn’t want to participate or take the time to improve myself. Reading and writing was just another uninteresting, check the block, fake it till you make it, subject for me. I was a slow reader and often times I had to ask the teacher what a particular word meant. What was even worse was having to read out loud in class. Again, the fact that I was a slow reader and I often times mispronounced words caused me to be the subject of reticule and embarrassment. I started to hate reading because I couldn’t do it as well as the other kids; this continued from elementary
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