Literacy Is A Important Skill Of Reading And Writing

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“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.” Frank Serafini. Literacy is a very important skill in this modern world. No matter where we go, if we cannot read or write the language it can make things very difficult. Since the very day that we were all born, it was instilled upon us to learn to read and write our native tongue. If we do not have the skills necessary to do this, how will we ever learn and grow? Learning to read and write is a life-long pursuit in which the goal can never completely be achieved. The basis for which we all learn to read and write is a deeply instilled desire to learn and know what is going on. Without this we would have no drive to grasp the skill of reading and writing. I remember learning how to spell my name for the first time, and it felt so incredible to be able to do something that all the adults did. It seems like such a small feat, but to a child it was a great milestone accomplished. Through events like this, I was brought up with a desire to always learn even before I entered a formal school system. My parents always answered any questions I had and were more than happy to explain something to me that I did not understand. If I did not have them there, where would my drive for knowledge lie? It is through them that I did indeed learn to learn. After the realization that I wanted to learn, I began the long process of learning to read and to write. My first memories
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