Literacy Is A Key Component Of Any Classroom

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If you would have asked me three months ago what literacy is and what its role is within schools, I would have given a short and vague answer. I thought that literacy only encompassed learning how to read, perhaps how to write as well; but for the most part literacy was only concerned about reading. I thought that the way it impacted schools was how teachers taught reading. After learning about literacy in TCHED 4391, I have learned a great deal more about literacy. Yet that is not the most valuable information I have gained, I also learned how to implement literacy tools within my future classroom, in order to create a well-balanced learning environment for my students. Literacy is a key component of any classroom. Whether it’s wood working to social studies, theater to math, each subject deals with literacy. As a future educator I will need to incorporate literacy within my classroom if I want to be a successful teacher. We discussed in class what teachers need to know in order to be a successful teacher. There are three major areas each teacher must master in order to be a phenomenal teacher, they are: know your students, know your content, and know how to teach and a variety of pedagogies. Each of these things are crucial for a teacher to be successful. A teacher cannot formulate sufficient lesson plans if he or she does not know his or her students. Without knowing their needs or interests, the teacher will fall short of meeting he or her student’s needs. Likewise,
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