Literacy Is An Understanding Of Text

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Introduction “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” (King). This quote by B.B. King may not have much to do with literacy, but it struck a chord with me and my own literacy education. Literacy to me is a competency in a certain subject area, not necessarily relating to reading and writing, but for the most part correlated with that topic. Literacy is an understanding of text, not just being able to read it out loud, but being able to to comprehend what is being read and being able to write. Emergent Literacy I can remember at a very early age my parents reading to me. I was fortunate that my father was in school during my three to five year old ages, so he was around a lot. We would always go…show more content…
Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K uses engaging phonics-based activities, music videos, and online games to give your child a strong foundation in phonemic awareness. Each unit concludes with a storybook you read to your child, specially written to support what your child just learned. Each lesson takes only about 20 minutes a day” (Hooked on Phonics). I do not know how much I actually learned from this, but I remember that my father practiced this with me, which made it seem important. My father was in the military, so he was not always around, so when he spend his time with me, doing things like Hooked on Phonics or reading to me, it gave those things a precedence. School I attended a small, rural Missouri school from Kindergarten to first grade and my memories of this place was that there was a big emphasis on reading. I can picture the large (which may only seem large to little kindergarten eyes) library where the teachers would drop us off and we would have an interactive story time with the librarian. The school also had a few reading incentive programs. One example was this board in the hallway that was a roadway with cars traveling down it. The more books you read, the farther your car got along and you would reach different incentives. It might be something simple, like a book or a pencil, but near the end there were incentives such as lunch with the principle or a
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