Literacy Is Not Only A Problem That The English Teacher

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Times are changing. Literacy is not only a problem that the English teacher has to deal with. Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write (Oxford Dictionaries). However, you have to use different skills to read a novel than you do with reading a science question. So it only makes that literacy should be taught in different ways for each different subject. It does a student no good to be able to physically read a science question but have no idea what it’s asking for. The last five years have seen unprecedented attention given to the literacy achievement of adolescents in secondary schools in the United States. Spurred by the release of flat or declining reading scores on national tests. (Donahue, Daane & Grigg, 2003). This could be easily linked to a lack of literacy techniques being taught in schools.
Some English teachers might even argue that their content focuses more on rhetorical devices and composition rather than learning to read and write. Some teachers may say that they need to focus more on content than literacy strategies. However, simple literacy strategies can be taught that we will help students understand the content even greater. For example, a higher level literacy thinking skill is being able to properly label diagrams and maps. If a student cannot understand how to read a map of Europe they simple will not do well in a history class. Some teachers might not realize that they are teaching literacy skills by teaching a student how to read a map
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