Literacy Is The Definition Of Literacy

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To myself, the definition of literacy is having the ability and means to read and/or write. Although this seems as though it is a stereotypical and common definition, I have found during the course of my life that this definition holds to be true to my personal being. When I was younger, I used to think literacy was simply the literacy book that we read out of during English class. The more that I grew, the more I realized that literacy was having the ability to read the book- not the book itself. While in junior high, my English course was referred to as a literacy course. During this course, we learned on what basis literacy forms. The teacher explained that literacy is not the words on the page; literacy is having the means of reading the words, and having the ability to comprehend what exactly it is that we were reading. Though this seems similar to cultural literacy, it is actually quite different. Cultural literacy is having the ability to comprehend and participate fluently in a particular culture, whereas literacy is just having the ability and means to read and/or write in general. I do not personally feel as though there was one single event that gave me a well-rounded definition of literacy or cultural literacy. Rather, it has been throughout the course of my education that brought me to my definition of what literacy is and how one acquires the abilities involved in it. Some say that there is a point in their lives in which they become “conscious” of literacy,
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