Literacy Is The Key Factor For The Community

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Based off of our multimodal argument project my definition of literacy has changed before I thought of literacy as an ability to read, write and understand things. Working on this project really opened up my eyes to what literacy really means it’s beyond just being able to read, write and understand and everyone has their own unique literacy which makes them special. Literacy is a necessity for humans and it is their right to knowledge. Throughout this project I realized that my prior knowledge about business isn’t just knowledge it’s more it’s a literacy I have developed that will be with me from now on throughout my life. I, personally, define literacy as power, which means if an individual is literate, they have the ability to make decisions and control situations in their life, economically, socially and politically. Becoming literate is the first step in a life-long learning process of man and women. This process of learning literacy is a major key factor for the community since every individual’s literacy contributes to our community, which sculpts the community and makes it connected to technology. This change also makes literacy useful in today’s society and also relevant in academic affairs. From a young age I’ve always seen my dad hustling around between our businesses making sure everything is running and operating smoothly. Growing up helping and watching his has really inspired myself to pursue my higher education in the business field hoping to use the
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