Literacy Is The Most Important Skill We Teach

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According to CMS Superintendent Ann Clark regarding literacy as our North Star, it “is the most important skill we teach. Literacy is the foundation for academic success from pre-kindergarten through high school.” Literacy is key to achieving academic success and the responsibility of literacy encompasses every educator and discipline. Many media coordinators have been trained in Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and district adopted reading initiatives, such as Balanced Literacy and Reading Apprenticeship. However, most struggle with linking our programs with literacy initiatives. According to the 2015 Nation’s Report Card percentages of fourth graders and eighth graders reading on grade level continues to decline, especially among urban…show more content…
A skill of a library media coordinator is that of matching students with texts which support their individual reading levels and interests. A need among media coordinators is connecting literacy to the library by developing research instruction which is directly tied to what is occurring in classrooms and teaching it at the point of need. When students have additional opportunities to practice and use skills and strategies from the classroom, they reinforce their learning. In order for students to be confident and successful readers they need time to develop and use strategies so whenever they are reading alone they can pull from their vast supply to effectively maneuver within the text. Students need time to acquire the cognitive strategies which good readers use and transfer skills and strategies from the classroom to real-world situations.

Objectives, Strategies, & Methods for This Initiative
• To have all media coordinators participate in three half-day fall and mid-year in-services through break-out sessions and working independently to create a tangible document which clearly aligns and demonstrates the connections between literacy and library research
• To delve deeper into the strategies and schema of Balanced Literacy, Reading Apprenticeship and other district literacy initiatives
• To bring in teachers, administrators, and experts in the field of literacy who can help media coordinators break down the research process and
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