Literacy Learning Of A Child 's Schooling Essay

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Assignment 1 - Literacy Learning in My Classroom Literacy is one the most fundamental learning areas of a child’s schooling, which is crucial to a child’s development, and is the key indicator in becoming successful within society. Literacy according to the Ministry of Education, 2003, is defined as “the ability to understand, respond to, and use those forms of written language that are required by society and valued by individuals and communities.” (pg.19) This definition clearly highlights the importance of skills and knowledge, which children must learn to help them not only develop their English language but to engage in all learning areas of the curriculum. “As language is central to learning and English is the medium for most learning in the New Zealand Curriculum, the importance of literacy in English cannot be overstated.” (Ministry Of Education, 2007, p.16) The ability to read, write, speak and listen are effectively part of the basics of learning literacy and are the central tools which students use to engage with all other learning areas of the curriculum. The Ministry of Education (2003) affirm that, “the process of becoming literate is intensively complex.” (Pg. 24) From learning the basics to read from left to right, are all part children starting to develop literacy-related knowledge. It is important that children obtain a strong and coherent knowledge base of oral and visual language as this affirms their reading and writing skills. Their awareness to sounds
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