Literacy Narrative Analysis

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“What is a literacy narrative?” A literacy narrative expressed in many different types of writing, whether you’re writing about a life changing experience or even a reflection on a book you have just indulged your mind into, in which now you have to express how you interpreted it in your own way. We don’t realize that while we in the mist of writing a paper or even in a journal that at first it may seem like we’re just putting a bunch of useless words on a paper or even a screen, but instead we lose ourselves in our thoughts that we probably didn’t realize we had in the first place.
In high school, I had to constantly write responses to the prompts the teacher would assign. A common concept of a prompt included “how as a person do you face
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For example, I’ve lived with a chronic illness called Dysautonomia since I was eleven years old, so every chance I get to express my daily struggles I encounter and how I have learned to overcome and except them, has made me a better writer because when you are able to write on an issue that is not only very personal but also informative to the person who I sharing my writing with, it can push the way you think so that you are writing something that will catch the reader's attention. In contrast, I tend to struggle in my writing when I have very little interest in the topic, in which I don’t put in all of my effort to grab the reader's attention or put as many ideas I possibly can to create something worth reading. The way I compensate for my lack of interest is by first clustering together all of my ideas. Then I pick them apart the main ideas I have established, in which now all that is left to do is find supporting ideas to flow with the main ones. I’ve learned over the years, that the reader needs to know why I have or do not have a stance on an
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