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Literacy Narrative Paper Back in my senior year of high school, I took a math class called Discrete Math. This math class consisted of studying a topic known as “probability statistics” and a few other various math techniques. What surprised me in this class was that I never would have thought that I would be writing essays in a math class. The teacher did mention very early that “we will be having many quizzes, tests, and even essays,” but the essay portion I assumed would be miniscule. He then added that the essays accounted for forty percent of our grade. My first impression of this new teaching style was very shaky to say the least. Essays were definitely not one of my favorite things to do in school, especially about explaining mathematical scenarios. Towards the end of this class, my slight dislike of writing soon became an intense dislike. On the first day of school, I was excited just like everyone else to meet all my new teachers and to see who I was in class with. My first day was going great, I caught up with a few of my old friends, old teachers, and even was excited to learn this year. It wasn’t until I walked into my math class, which is where my outlook began to change. Everyone was greeted with a paper to fill out which asked questions that the teacher had no business knowing. For example: “What are your parent’s occupations?” or “Do you have a TV with a USB port?” Not only did I find these questions odd, but so did the rest of the class. I could tell by

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