Literary Ages Research Project Sample

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Throughout the literary ages research project, Maddie made a large contribution to the end product. I cannot recall a class period when she hadn’t done her best to stay focused and productive. She constantly gave her best effort. Concerning the work Maddie contributed outside of the classroom, she was very helpful. She was on time for all of are meeting, and she came prepared every time. She supplied my group with her best quality work. She was very dependable. Furthermore, Maddie was able to accomplish all of her responsibilities and more. She was in charge of the fashion sation for our presentation. She also took over the Jazz station at the end of this project. It was a week before our presentation date and Maddie volunteered to take care of this final station. I also believe that she was the first person in my group to finish her research paper, book report, and notable author write up. Maddie was the most responsible person in my group. For these reasons, I would give Maddie a 98 out of 100. Throughout the literary ages research project, Lindsay made several primary contributions. Everything she presented to the group was fantastic quality. It was easy to tell that she was working very hard. Her work was…show more content…
She took on not only her own responsibilities but she also supplied her house to meet at several times. Also, she was very dependable, she didn't miss a single meeting. However, she is very busy so it made it difficult to meet around her pans. Nevertheless we were very lucky to have her house and her resources at our fingertips. Kiaya not only supplied her house and her section of the presentation but she also gave the group her best efforts at all time. In addition, it was rather nice to know that everything Kiaya contributed was going to be high quality of work. This lessened the stress caused by this project. For these reason I would give Kiaya
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