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Jennifer Flores
Professor, Rindler
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4th, October 2016 A Literary Analysis of Fatherhood There’s nothing more like it than a father and son relationship. Although it’s a different type of bond of friendship that you can ever have with anyone else; that helps you shape into the person that you are or becoming to be and you’ll never have to look up to anyone else but him. Although they’re some poor father and son relationships in our society that can affect anyone’s emotional heath, which can lead onto a major lead factor into their growth throughout the teenage years and so on. One of my favorite singers of all time is Demi Lovato, whom has experienced a poorly daughter and father relationship with her own father, in which she demonstrates it in her songwriting skills such as song as “Father” and “For the love of the daughter, in which she’s able to express herself throughout her music and her pitfalls of a rocky relationship with her father, who wasn’t the perfect father figure for her as she expected it to be. In the two short stories “Reunion” and “Powder” written by John Cheever and Tobias Wolff demonstrates the unique bonding between a father and son’s relationship, point of view and conflict to covey to the readers that every son and father’s relationship it’s like any unoriginal father and son relationship among with its pitfalls and ever lasting memories.

As we first learned about Powder written Tobias Wolff, were told that the point of view of the…

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