A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Shakia khan
Professor Graves
English 105
October 5,2017 A Very Old Man With Enormous “Wings” In “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” author Gabriel Garcia Marquez mixes supernatural with everyday lifestyle in a unique way. The story leaves us to question ourselves that how would we react if we confronted a supernatural helpless creature. The author highlights the narrow perspective of the characters and their harshness towards, the angel, an outsider in a community. In the first paragraph of the story, the author brings in a magical factor by introducing the character of an old man with wings. The story starts with Pelayo going outside to kill and drag the crabs into the sea and on his return he spotted a mystical old man with wings, resembling somewhat like an angel ,on the sea shore. Although, it isn’t mentioned directly that whether or not this old man is actually an angel. The only direct evidence is the “wise old woman” who told Pelayo and Elisenda that the old mystical creature they found was an angel by the line: “He’s an angel,” [the old woman] told [Pelayo and Elisenda]. “[The old man] must have been coming for the child”. This frightened pelayo and elisenda and so they tied the angel up and locked him in the hen cage so that their sick newborn child is safe. The author didn’t answer some of the important questions that why the neighbor woman thought the angel was a danger and recommended to

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