Literary Analysis : Animal Farm

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Literary Analysis Mollie In Animal Farm there are many controversial figures who also have interesting connections to the Russian revolution. Mollie is among these controversial members of the mythical animal run society. She has connections to the rich prissy people in Russia that when the revolution took place who immediately looked for an easy way out as soon as they had to do work to earn their due. In Orwell’s Animal Farm Mollie is vain, selfish, and did not care about the revolution leaving before the action. Mollie has never been all that committed of a character on the farm. Often caring more about her sugar and bows then what work she needed to do for Mr. Jones. As time went on, and the revolution took place, there is little to no change in how she acts, still feeling an obsession for the lavish things that comes with being a pet brings. The first time it is apparent that Mollie is still attached to the lavish things is when in Orwell’s Animal Farm is on page 22-23 “They were just coming down the stairs when Mollie was discovered to be missing. Going back, the others found that she remained behind in the best bedroom she had taken a piece of blue ribbon from Mrs. Jones’s dressing table, and was holding it against her shoulder and admiring herself in the glass in a very silly manner. The others reproached her sharply, and they went outside.” She is obviously at this point still not willing to commit for the greater cause of the farm. Will she ever come around and
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