Literary Analysis Essay On The Crucible

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Our peers in society will make promises to everyone but, they can’t always keep them. For instance, take a candidate running for a position in office. Those people campaign for voters to vote for them and say things they don’t always mean. Society relies on the candidates to follow through with their promises and most of the time they do it in a different way then they had originally said. Reverend Hale had made claims about how he was going to find the truth but, certain events changed how he went about it. “The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are as definite as stone…” (Miller 1149). Hale comes into the town with ways in which to truly test for a witch. Because he is the only one who knows how to detect witches correctly, he is overconfident about his success in this village. “He feels allied with the best minds of Europe--kings, philosophers, scientists, and ecclesiastics of all churches”(Miller 1148). He believes himself to be overly scholared about witches so, he places himself above all others and…show more content…
“..... I may shut my conscience to it no more—private vengeance is working through this testimony! From the beginning this man has struck me true. By my oath to Heaven, I believe him now, and I pray you call back his wife before we—” (Miller 1208). As a result of Hale’s trust in Proctor, he went to see him during Proctor’s three months in jail. Hale had gone through a number of obstacles and has been doing the Devil’s work by trying to convert the people in jail to be like the Christian’s the people seek. “Goody Proctor, I have gone this three month like our Lord into the wilderness. I have sought a Christian way, for damnation’s doubled on a minister who counsels men to lie” (Miller 1224). Throughout the last act of the play, Hale has shown that he will truly do anything to prove the
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