Literary Analysis : Literary Elements

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Literary Analysis Collection 1 Literary elements create and structure a story. They can be characters, plot, foreshadowing , mood , conflict ,setting, theme , etcetera . Most of the time you see writers using a majority of these elements in a story. They can be similar or connected throughout different stories or even the same story. They can also differ. In the stories Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket by Jack Finney, The Trip by Laila Lalami, and Ambush by Tim O’Brien the writers compare and contrast literary elements. Characters are an important literary element, they can be narrators, protagonists, antagonists, and more. In all the stories the main character has similarities and differences. In the three selections the main…show more content…
(quote). His trip was for freedom. It was still a dangerous situation and decision like the others. But, it was different because instead of being for work or to save him life it was for something he has been longing for. However, just because all the dangerous decisions that the characters put themselves into had different outcomes and consequences they still were dangerous and did/didn’t harm that character physically and/or mentally. In the stories the settings all reflect a tense and suspenseful mood. For example. Ambush, the setting was a place of war, the characters were somewhere at war/fighting . That was tense because the characters could’ve died at an minute or someone could’ve been killed in an instant, that alone creates a suspenseful mood. Like in Contents of a Dead Mans’ Pocket most of all of the story took place on a ledge of an eleven-story apartment building and being as though there was a person on there and that he could’ve fallen at any moment was very tense to me because he would’ve died from the fall. Another story that creates suspense throughout the setting was The Trip, for most of the story the setting was a small boat with lots of people that’s only supposed to hold eight inside. The characters are also on a trip that they know they could die from at any moment. They know of people that died on the same trip that they are endangering themselves on. They’re all the same with setting and the mood it sets but
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