Literary Analysis Luella Miller Essay

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Literary Analysis Luella Miller

There has been a flood of folklore and popular myth on the subject of supernatural beings capable of sucking the life out of their victims. One can find a mention of these creatures throughout the centuries. From a Succubus in the Bible to the Vampires of today’s Twilight Sagas, the short story “Luella Miller” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman is no different. This story, unlike many other tails, did not just come out and say that the creature was present for sure; it more or less hinted to it possible existences. Also the hypnotic state that the victims were in brings the reader to believe that something unnatural is at hand. With a closer look through the eyes of our narrator, Lydia Anderson, we can
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There was always a sight of “I’s” in her name, married or single. (Luella Miller p127) Again, this statement could be interpreted by the reader as having a deeper meaning. A succubus’s main agenda is to please itself and satisfy only its own needs at the expense of others. Is it just a case of mere irony or fate that Luella’s last names always had a wealth of “I’s” in it so as to indicate her state of mind; to look out for her best interests above all others.
The story supplies additional evidence of Luella’s possibly being a succubus when it depicts how her own health declines when she does not have anyone around to suck the life out of. For example, “But it wa’n’t very long before folks began to say that Luella herself was goin’ into decline jest the way her husband, Lily, and Aunt Abby had, and I saw myself that she looked pretty bad.” (p 134) Luella’s very own health began to decline soon after Maria died and there was no one else willing to help her for a while. Also, in this short story, it would appear that Luealla Miller had some form of hypnotic power over all that came in contact with her. So much so that an individual that had succumb to her powers would be willing to sacrifice themselves to the death rather than to leave Luella alone to fend for herself. An example of this hypnotic power is depicted in the fact that Luella was able to maintain a job as a teacher even though the committee was well aware of her insufficiencies as a

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