Literary Analysis : ' Madison Eller '

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Madison Eller
Literary Analysis Essay
March 6, 2016

When God created Adam, He saw that Adam needed a helpmeet. Humans need other humans to be happy. Unfortunately, sin often prevents people from living peacefully with each other. Prejudice can form a great rift between cultures, but if the two cultures understood each other, perhaps they would not be so prejudiced. The Chosen provides an inside look into the culture of the Jewish people in America. The persecution of the Jews brought millions of Jewish people to America where they could live and worship God freely. The Chosen’s themes of reconciling Jewish tradition with the American culture, using eyesight and hearing to overcome bias, and recognizing silence as a path to the soul show how two boys from different backgrounds were able to overcome their prejudices and become best friends. Although the novel is set within a Jewish community in Brooklyn and deals with Jewish themes such as Talmud study and Hasidic life, the core of the story is about the American dream. The softball game at the beginning of the book is a perfect example of the Jews living the American dream. According to the American dream, a person’s origins of class or nationality do not matter. If a person works hard, he can achieve the American dream of success, and Reuven and Danny are excellent examples of immigrants achieving the American dream. Danny and Reuven have freedom to choose Jewish traditions or the American way of life. Reuven can enter

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