Literary Analysis Of A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun is a play that was written by Lorraine Hansberry and published in 1959. The play took place in the 50s in Chicago, this play is a story about a family who do not have a ton of money as well as not in the best living also the family has had a recent lose in their family as well. The main conflict of this play is the family are all fighting over the insurance money that is coming in the mail. The family fight about how will get the insurance money and get to live there dream with the money of the lose of the loved one. Each character has a different dream and each character has an important part of the family. The main characters of this play include : Walter , Ruth , Bennie, and Mama.
Mama is the grandmother as well as the head of the household, she is the one who makes all the decisions. Mama when she speaks she wants everyone to listen to her and understand what she says. Mama’s dream is to buy a nice house that has a yard where she can start a garden. As stated “... Been thinking that maybe could meet the note on a little old two somewhere, with a yard…” (Hansberry, pg 44) . In the play as soon as the check arrives Mama goes out on her own and does just that.
Mr. Walter Younger is the man of the house, but he does not make the decisions. Walter is married to Ruth, and has a son named Travis. Walter feel like noone will ever listen to him or understand him. Walter: See did you hear?Did you hear!
Ruth: Honey, please go to work.
Walter: Nobody
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