Literary Analysis Of Alice Walker 's The Color Purple

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Sisterhood and Feminism: A Literary Analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Behind every beautiful thing, there 's some kind of pain. The color purple represents royalty and nobility, which can be use to describe the personality of Celie and Nettie and their value of life. Purple is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool color. The one color contain two completely opposite colors which represent price of royalty and nobility. The Color Purple using epistolary style to describe black woman Celie and her suffering life. The book has fully expressed the idea of feminism and the ideological changes of black women trammeled by unequal idea. Giving an examination of black women 's state of life under the racial and sexual oppression. The purpose of this book is not to show the inequality between black people and white people, but to discuss the relationship between black man and black women. Alice Walker shows the ideal relationship between black people by means of describing the sisterhood between Celia and Nettie. The novel is mainly focused on the growth and development of the sisterhood between Celie and Nettie. In Objectification theory (1997), Frederickson and Roberts postulates that : Many women are sexually objectified and treated as an object to be valued for its use by. So occurs when a woman 's body or body parts are singled out and separated from her as aperson and she are viewed primarily as a physical object

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