Literary Analysis Of Anne Bradstreet's The Author To Her Book

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When we create something, it’s always challenging to reveal it to others. No matter how big or small our creation might seem we will still have doubts about our work. For instance, writing an essay might seem simple to some, but the reality of putting words together to state he or she’s point is a difficult task for anyone. In addition, when finished, we tend to have a great uncertainty buried deep down in our mind reminding either our work is “great” or “it needs improvement.” Poet, Anne Bradstreet, in her poem, “The Author of Her Book,” also experiences the uncertainty and frustration that creating something with your own hands brings. In the poem, the author describes how imperfect and unbearable her work seems to her. In addition, the author conveys her attitude throughout the poem in order to reveal her attachment to her work; hence, the title of the poem “The Author to Her Book.” Through the use of poetic devices such as diction, imagery, and metaphors, in order to reveal Bradstreet’s attitude towards her offspring/writing. Bradstreet begins her poem by adopting scathing diction. The author conveys her attitude through the usage of words like, “ill-form’d” and “raggs.” Bradstreet uses these words in order to help convey both how critical and masterful she is about her work. In addition, she writes, “[The] offspring of my feeble brain.” In this line, Bradstreet emphasizes the notion of being unsatisfied. The author utilities the word “feeble brain” in order to address

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