Literary Analysis Of George Gascoigne In 'For That He Look Not'

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What is a relationship worth if it will only end in misery? In the poem For That He Look Not
Upon Her, english poet George Gascoigne explore the universal feelings of fear and disappointment through his personal struggle with examples of vivid imagery, metaphors, and literary devices by painting a picture of fear, self-loathing, destruction and dread. As a sonnet, in fourteen lines, Gascoigne employs these examples of literary devices to communicate his ideas as a torn and broken man efficiently but also with plenty of emotion through form, diction, and imagery. In quatrain one, Gascoigne immediately establishes the tone of his plight through his diction. In writing about his “Louring head so low” (2) and “No delight [in ranging]” (3) his eyes in the initial four lines, he instantly sets a tone of suffering and self loathing. Though he has not yet expanded on the reasons, any reader can instantly understand which direction Gascoigne intends to take the poem. He establishes himself as a man of pity by contrasting the words “louring” (2) with “gleams” (4) . These specific words all hold a dark commonality within these lines which will continue through the subsequent quatrains. Furthermore, it is made clear he is writing in the form of a sonnet with an ABAB rhyme scheme. The importance in this form may be to establish that this is not simply a stream of consciousness, or a frustrated and rushed response, but rather a structurally calculated poem. In using a

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