Literary Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' The '

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Israel Carreón
Dr. Sam McBride
ENGL 425
March 21, 2014

John Steinbeck: Literary Journalist It’s no secret that John Steinbeck was a formable figure in world of the written word. His created fictions have been cemented into educational curriculum in the middle/high school and university levels. While it can be debated of his literary genius, no one can deny the amount of influence he has had during the 20th century and beyond. Although Steinbeck is most commonly thought of a novel author first, the tendency of overlooking his involvement in journalism. His participation in this field has overarching effects on his fictional writing styles that produced some of the most prolific narratives works of the past century. His style boasted to be at its base the most honest form of writing. Pioneering a new frontier of journalism, Steinbeck entered an arena of that many authors have not considered. Taking the role as a “literary journalist,” Steinbeck adopted unique techniques in order to find the most authentic and frank stories, covering a variety of important issues, as well as using the same journalistic narrative structure to his fictional works. Journalism is the art of communicating to the world of the world in the most truthful and honest manner possible. There are many ways a writer can approach this objective stylistically. The most common form of presenting the news is through the inverted pyramid writing style. This is done by covering the upmost important facts that
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