Literary Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' The Story Of An Hour '

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Haley Morrow
Mrs. Crook
AP English
25 Sept. 2015
Feminist Literary Theory in The Story of an Hour Women are no stranger to a socially constrained lifestyle and society, especially in the late 1800’s. Women were believed to live a certain way, fulfill certain roles and duties in the household, and to be extremely fragile and weak. This type of culture still exists today but not to the extreme that it once was. Kate Chopin, however, not afraid speak out against the implications of society breaks free of the social norms of the 1800’s through her strong female characters. Specifically, in her short story, The Story of an Hour, Chopin captures quite the roller coaster of an hour in the life of Mrs. Louise Mallard, who receives the news of her husband 's apparent death. After receiving the news, it only takes a few moments of grief until Louise realizes she is no longer shackled to her husband in marriage and is now a free, independent woman. In her short story, The Story of an Hour, Chopin addresses many issues pertaining to feminism, such as a the expression of a woman’s independence and unique identity, distinct from that of her husband’s all through her main character Louise.
The issue that Chopin is trying to address is not that Louise is married to Bentley, but rather the issue of being married at all. Through the eyes of a feminist, and Chopin herself, marriage is just an institution that creates in both men and women the assumed “right to impose a private will upon
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