Literary Analysis Of Let America Be America Again

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Garang Majok Ms.Jennings English IV AP Lit 21 November 2017 Let America Be America Again In the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes he used different literary devices to contrasts his hopes for America with the reality of life for the comparingly less dominant social groups. In the beginning of the poem Hughes seems to be stating his wishes for America as a nation almost as if he is hopeful for the opportunities that America gives to people seeking the peace of being free. In between the stanzas what is being said by the narrator is being denied by a second narrator almost as if they are having an argument.The first narrator is more optimistic, expressing the ideal form of America.The second narrator comes in with almost completely opposite feelings than the first, denying that America has lived up to the freedom so promised. This back and forth argument continues while the narrator attempts to use certain devices and rhyme schemes to compare the life of the second narrator to life for the less dominant social groups in America. Freedom in this poem is symbolized as steel in the line “The steel of freedom does not stain.” Although freedom is literally not steel and cannot be “stained” the author uses this word choice to clarify what freedom should be. The reality of the freedom described in this poem is that Hughes view on the different ethnic classes “ juxtaposes the beauty that the American dream holds for everyone of every color.” Hughes also used
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