Literary Analysis Of 'Love And All It's Flaws'

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In my first poem, “Love and All it’s Flaws” I changed a few words at the start of the poem to make it more clear. Things like a flower slowly blooming, and a mind that’s so hard to embed. By a slow blooming flower I meant that he walked slowly but instead I found a specific flower that actually grows slowly. For the mind that’s so hard to embed, I meant he’s very stubborn, so I ended up changing it to a mind that’s hard to set. I also changed the word vein, because when I first wrote the poem I imagined it had a different meaning. I also changed my last two lines to tie the whole poem together. For my second poem “Pantoum of the College Student” I didn’t change a lot because I really liked the poem I wrote and it was my favorite from the…show more content…
I started out with using the structure of another poem and trying to make sense of what I wrote. It ended up not making sense but I liked that about it. However, other people didn’t understand what was going on so I had to change the poem to make sense. I ended up changing a lot of the poem, starting with the pronouns and also adding more clarity. My end piece did make a lot more sense than the original and I was okay with that. I thought that this was my best correction because this piece was the one poem that I really wanted to change since I wasn’t too happy with the original. Nevertheless, this was the poem form I liked the least, it was more freeing and I’m the kind of person who likes structure. I definitely like the poems that had a specific format to them compared to those where you can write whatever you want. Overall, I thought this class was fun and different. I made me realize that I actually do have a creative side to me that I didn’t know before. I always tell everyone that I can’t write poems but now I know that’s not true. I’m proud of the work I did this semester, some poems are better than others that’s true but I liked all of them regardless. I liked that this class was very freeing, because I could write about anything I wanted and that there were no prompts. I don’t think there are any specific improvements that can be made for this class. I did struggle with critiquing the work of others
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