Literary Analysis Of Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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This poem was written by Robert Frost. It was written in America, in english. It was written when people thought the world was going to end, around the 1920's.
The poem could be confessional, but it could also be a narrative. It tells a story of leaves and flowers dying, and about children growing up, but the reason he wrote the poem is to tell the story of the world ending. The poem also talks about Robert's political views, in a way. He's saying that he does believe the world is going to end.
The title of the poem is Nothing Gold Can Stay. It conveys multiple meanings. Such as Spring, or children growing up, or the world is going to end.
There is no repeating words in the poem, however Robert Frost does use an AA BB AA BB pattern for his rhymes.
In the poem, a few months pass. It talks about the birth of spring and the ending of it. But if you look at it from the children growing up perspective, then around 18 years pass. However if you look at Nothing Gold Can Stay as a poem about the end of the world, than 9,500 years passes. He says "So Eden sank to grief" in the Bible the Garden of Eden was created in the beginning, and man was kicked out, so Eden sank to grief. Now, the world is ending and 9,500 years have passed, assuming he believes in a young Earth.
There are no human characters in the poem, there are only leaves, flowers, and the Earth. Eden and Nature are also characters.
Robert Frost doesn't leave out any details. He only uses his words in a way to convey
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