Literary Analysis Of Snow White And The Huntsman

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Yaquelin Martinez Ms.Purnell Language Arts 19th of October Literary Analysis “Yet another kingdom falls to your glory. Is there no end to your power and beauty.” -Mirror (Snow White And The Huntsman) Can beauty conquer all? Snow White And The Huntsman is a movie directed by Rupert Sanders unlike your ordinary Little Snow White by The Brothers Grimm, in Snow White where little Snow is tricked each time by her stepmother's bad doings Snow White The Huntsman has a twist in love and in the wicked witch. The witch/queen is obligated to stay beautiful and young because of a curse that was put on her at young age by her mother, the witch in Little Snow White just wanted to be beautiful because she wanted to be fairest of all. Little Snow White’s witch is a powerful antagonist and beautiful as well as intelligent as presumed in Snow White And The Huntsman where the Queen/Witch is beautiful but also cruel to everyone and not just Snow White and her reasons for beauty are because she was cursed at a young age by her mother and she must stay beautiful and young. In Snow White And The Huntsman(SWATH) Revena also known as the witch is very beautiful indeed but that beauty that she has, she uses in a cruel matter because of a past that she cannot forget and a curse that was put upon her at a young age it shows her her hatred of the curse and her hatred towards people grows “Do you hear that? It's the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the

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