Literary Analysis Of The Cask Of Amontillado

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Allison Moss Laurie Oberg Language Arts 11 22 September 2017 The Casket of Italian Wine Edgar Allan Poe is, probably, the most recognizable name when it comes to literature. Whether it be a short story, poem, dialogue, or novel. Can I even dare say he may be a on the same level or even a level above Shakespeare; they both are known for their twisted yet beautiful writing styles. In Poe’s, probably most graphic and heart twisting short story, “The Cask of Amontillado,” he gives us a timeless tale of how revenge is a dish best served cold. He pulls readers in with the dark yet hopeful feel to the story. Poe demonstrates his daring writing style by creating strong and mischievous feeling characters and manipulating readers using imagery that is so chill inducing to readers of all ages. Last but certainly not least Poe, cannot stop giving readers enough, manipulates his use of pathos to keep the reader intrigued. Poe dictates this piece of work using only two main characters. I have to say the use of dialogue is amazing and definitely important. The use of dialogue, in my opinion, makes it extremely easy to follow along with the story and being able to really go in depth while reading. Almost like a trance. It’s clear from the very first paragraph of the story that the story was only being told from a first person point of view. The main character, Montresor, has a sense of being some sort of master mind but still feels somewhat humble and private. His point of view is very
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