Literary Analysis Of The Cranes

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Caitlin Porter
Mrs. Sondag
IB Language
September 29, 2017
Literary Analysis of “The Cranes” To love and to be loved is one of the most powerful ideas that is desired by so many within society. True love is something that many people hope to find, but very few are actually successful. While it may be difficult to discover this within our own lives, literature has developed its own role regarding love stories within society. Everyone is drawn to a good love story, a love story that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Take Romeo and Juliet, while the play was wrote so long ago, the impression had lasted a lifetime all because of the love story that it told. All throughout history this has been taking place and there has
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But whooping cranes, they’re rare. Not many left” ( Meinke 5-6). The man was not only referring to the birds during this time but also his love for his wife. As they continued to watch the birds they began reminiscing on their younger years together. “She turned her head from the window and looking into his eyes. “I never got tired of listening to you. Never”” (Meinke 16-17). Through the fighting with a priest and the sickness that has come upon the couple, they never have stopped loving each other. This a love that is unconditional, a love that is true. A love that continues to love with everything that they have no matter what. A love that never gets tired of the other, even if they’ve been together for countless years. A love that is rare, like the whooping cranes. As the day went on and more time passed the wife worried that they were making a mistake, but the husband quickly reassured her. “I can’t smoke, can’t drink martinis, no coffee, no candy” (Meinke 7-8). Over the years, as they became older certain things such as drinking and smoking were no longer activities that they could partake in. Health issues were clearly apparent and living life a day longer was not something that they wanted. They wanted to leave together, because a couple with a love as rare as the whooping cranes could not be separated. Another idea that is expressed throughout “The Cranes” is the idea that the cranes mate for life, which is very symbolic with regards
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