Literary Analysis Of The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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Jayson E. Pedere 4SE3
Literary Analysis
By: Shirley Jackson

The story started when people are gathered every end of June for the annual lottery ritual in a small village. All the head of each family are required to grab a slip a slip of paper in the box that is placed in the middle of the village. The in charge of the lottery was Mr. Summer. The conflict occurs when Tessie found out that her husband Bill was the center of the Villager’s attention. There is something on the paper that he picked. Because of that Tessie can’t even accept it and she keep on yelling that it is not fair. She believed that the time given to Bill was not enough to pick the paper that he wanted from Mr. Summer. The entire Hutchinson family, are
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We will try to dig first on the connection of Shirley Jackson to her writing “The Lottery”. Shirley Jackson was born in 1916 in San Francisco, California. One of her masterpieces was "The Lottery," the most argumentative piece and well known story about a village that occurs in once year death practice. The New Yorker published the short story of Jackson at the year 1948, "The Lottery."
Accordingly, "The Lottery" is a tale that is difficult to set aside. It is a story that every reader might feel both love and hatred. The story has the inner power that would probably create an emotion to everyone who plans to read it. In this analysis we will be able to know what figurative language that the author used and the unique theme of the story.
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When we talk about culture we can associate it to our customs, traditions and beliefs which are commonly handed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. Just like in the story “The Lottery” they have this kind if brutal ritual. We all know that killing is really inhumane, but according to its tradition even if it is inhumane they still need to do it so that their crops will abundantly grow. And we have nothing to do about it because that is their culture that is their beliefs. So it is cultural Criticism because it includes the norm of the society. It includes conducts towards
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