Literary Analysis Of The Outsiders

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Literary Analysis We live in a small town, we go to small schools and we have a small population, that being said, would we have more, or less social classes? In the book The Outsiders written by the author S.E hinton, it talks about what the consequences of separation of society are. As we grow up we begin to learn more about ourselves and we begin to socialize with others, we begin making friends, and forming cliques. The novel was about young boys who were in the lowest class of society and one of the main character's name was Ponyboy Curtis, he was the youngest of his group of friends that were referred as the “greasers”. He can only rely on his two brothers Darry and Sodapop and his friends but no one else. There was a lot of conflict because of social classes, greasers were used to the socs always giving them a hard time until Johnny took things too far. In the novel, The Outsiders , by S.E Hinton, the theme that prejudice leads to violence and oppression is shown through the the Greasers and the Socs. The socs were showed as the upper class in the book, the people who looked down on the rest of the society. The main and most important characters in the book are Johnny Cade, Ponyboy Curtis,and Cherry Valance.Each and every one of these showed the theme. One of most important and touching characters in the book was Johnny Cade. Johnny is mostly judged by other people by his appearance his hair is greased,and his clothes is dirty. Johnny is sixteen years

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