Literary Analysis Of The Wizard Of Oz

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Have you ever wondered why The Wizard of Oz books was so good. The author of these books, Frank L. Baum puts time and devotion into the details of the land of Oz. Baum wrote many different Oz books, but none of them were like the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a book about a girl named Dorothy who got traveled to the land of Oz with her dog Toto through a tornado. She eventually finds her way home. I believe the author’s style contributed to the literary work in a positive way.

One implement that Frank L. Baum did well was showing conflict. Conflict is a struggle between two opposing forces. For example, Dorothy’s first conflict was that she was stuck in the Land of Oz. Also each character that joined her along her journey, had their own conflicts which were resolved by the end of the book. I believe that this is a good style of conflict because it shows a conflict within a conflict. This makes the book more exciting by adding more suspense. One of these conflicts is shown through the Scarecrow, ”As for the Scarecrow , having no brains he walked straight ahead, and so stepped into the holes and fell at full length on the hard bricks.” Because he had no brains he was mentally at a disadvantage. I understand that Frank’s use of conflict is very effective and exciting.

Another recurring style in Baum’s work is him showing good detail of the setting. The setting is the surroundings which help create the backdrop and set the mood for the story. Frank

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