Literary Analysis Of Waiting For Superman

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Who is Superman? Many might recognize Superman as a hero of great prevail, with super powers that bend the laws of the universe. Truly, Superman is recognizably one of the strongest and well-known heroes in the DC Comics universe. Children view him as a role model, perhaps as a personal hero - one with astounding power and absolutely triumphant morals; one that always does good. If our perception of a “superhero” is a person that does good in any situation, then our definition of an actual Superman in our society can vary - depending on the judgment of a person. In Waiting for “Superman” - Davis Guggenheim’s thought-provoking documentary - the definition of Superman is compared to the saving grace for the public school system. The film…show more content…
The end of the song exhibits the narrator’s regret for his actions, backed with a simple but elegant piano verse. The song tells a story, with an introduction, a climax, and a resolution - “It’s you and me baby, it’s gone for good” (Muse). With how beautifully this song depicts the show of emotion through verse, it is surely a great comparison to the musical undertones of Guggenheim’s film. Throughout the beginning of the film, the background music is mystical, perhaps even somewhat intriguing. The sound of the music sets the tone of that part of the documentary - a part to provide the audience with facts and statistics about American education. The curious sounds made by instruments captures our attention, and makes us really think about what education is really about. It makes us wonder what will happen to all of the kids - will they succeed in entering prestigious schools? Will they get the chance to build a better future? Indeed, it captures our emotion and thought. However, there is a tonal change brought about in the middle of the film - with Green Day’s American Idiot introducing yet another set of statistics. This change in rhythm captures our attention immediately, using the iconic song as a great transition into a more amusing part of the

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